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 Anatolian Journal of Education   2017, Volume 2, Number 2





Evaluation Of Essay Writing Among Senior Secondary School Arabic Students In Kwara State, Nigeria

Musa Sıddık Abdullahi, Musa Salısu 


Causes Of Premarital Sex As Expressed By Adolescents In Yagba West, Kogi State, Nigeria

Lateef Omotosho Adegboyega, Olumayowa Ayorinde Jacob


The Analysis Of Students’ Critical Thinking Skills On Biology Subject

Susriyati Mahanal, Miswandi Tendrita, Farqiyatur Ramadhan, Nur Ismirawati, Siti Zubaidah


Critical Thinking Skills Used Among University Students In Reading Comprehension

Asnawi Muslem, Bustami Usman, Siti Sarah Fitriani, Nidar Velayati


The Effect Of Group Investigation (Gi) Learning Model On The Student Problem Solving Ability And Students Academic Achievement On The Digestive System Material For Biology Students

Markus Iyus Supiandi, Benediktus Ege


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